reclaim your inner superhero in a culture of chaos & conflict 

Are you "stuck in a rut" and tired of the same old patterns of overwhelmed, unfulfilled and stressed-out?

Is the drama & negativity of every day life sucking all of your energy?

Do you get caught up in regretting the past and worrying about the future?

  Have you ever wondered why the same old $h!1 happens over and over again?  

Is your suitcase of emotional baggage overflowing?  If it is, then pack your bags because you're going on a guilt trip!  You know the one... the trip to hell is usually a one way ticket that drops you off smack dab on the corner of Regret & Worry.

Just imagine what it would be like to leave all the crap of the outside world behind and get up each day with a total sense of freedom so that you can create the amazing, abundant and fearless life you long for.

Freedom from all of society's expectations and pressures, freedom from all of the fear-based blocks that prevent you from doing what you really love.  Freedom from the cycles of hardship, depression and sadness.

Are you ready to fully give yourself permission to feel worthy and be valued in all aspects of your life. What would it be like to stop listening to that little voice in your head that says "I can't do that"?  

Are you ready to Hijack Happiness and reclaim your inner superhero and step into and live your wildest dreams and leave all of that fear, worry and doubt behind you?

You are more than you think you are!  You are more than enough!  And it's time to reclaim that inner superhero, and to say F-you to anyone that gets in your way!  

Are you ready to become who you really are?  Are you ready to shift into brilliance? Are you ready to heal old wounds that have kept you playing small?

Are you ready to Open to Freedom?

  •  Release the LOOP of Negative Thoughts and Emotions.
  •  Go from Overwhelmed, Unfulfilled & Stressed-Out to Fearless &Free.
  •  Bring Balance & Harmony into your Relationships.
  •  Face sh!7 head on with Grace & Ease.
  •  Resolve debilitating symptoms of PTSD and depression.
  •  Manage stress & anxiety like a Superhero
  •  Break free from the bonds of addiction
  •  Put the PAST behind you for good
Hijacking Happiness - How to Reclaim your Inner Superhero in a Culture of Chaos & Conflict is guaranteed to change your life.  You will heal old and deep wounds, you will shift from overwhelmed, unfulfilled & stressed-out to fearless and free,  you will leave the past behind... for good.  You will break free from all of the habits and patterns that have held you hostage for so long.  

You WILL become your very own SUPERHERO! .... 100% GUARANTEED

Over 8 hours of practical & relevant content
Module 1 -  Release Habits & Patterns That Are Holding You Back
Module 2 -  Re-Wire Negative Thinking That Keeps You Down
Module 3 -  Renovate Your Inner Landscape to Thrive & Conquer
Tried and True System with Step-by-Step Workbook
Easy to implement Tips, Tools & Techniques
Feature Interview with Hay House Radio's  Denise Linn
 3 x 90 minute 1:1  sessions for Total Transformation
 Recordings of 1:1 sessions for Lifetime Reflection
 Unlimited Access to Private Facebook Community
 Access to Carmelle via Voxer [free walkie-talkie app]
Guided Meditations & Journeys 
Bonus Advanced Ebooks, Videos & Resources
Each module is designed to build on the previous and allow enough time to implement and integrate before the next module is delivered.  And of course, we will have had some of our 1:1 time together to really start experience major shifts NOW.

You are going to be amazed at how easy these techniques are to learn and master!  And I am super excited about my interview with Denise Linn, author of 19 books and Hay House Radio host.  I can't wait for you to hear her "inside secrets" and tips on happiness.  Guided meditations are a great way for you to sit back and relax while I do all the work  and guide you on amazing journeys to ground, centre and energize.
Are you ready to unleash the power within so you can feel alive and vibrant?  
Are you ready to ignite that magnificent spark of yours?
Are you ready to grab life by the horns?  

3 Modules 
Step-by-Step Workbook 
3 x 1:1 Sessions 
Meditations & Journeys 


I had the honour of going on a retreat with Carmelle to The Sacred Pyramids of Teotihuacan a few months ago. She was one of the facilitators of the retreat and I am forever grateful to have met her on this path. Carmelle is a powerhouse. Her incredible intuition, open heart, and ability to walk in her truth has been an magical thing to witness, to learn from, and assist in my healing. I was also blessed to able to attend her course, Hijacking Happiness. 

Not only is Carmelle’s material relatable and digestible, she brings her whole self to every class and conversation which creates a safe place for me to share and grow. She listens, she is present, and she is so knowledgeable. She is authentic in her expression and it shows up in love. Carmelle teaches from a place of experience and belief in possibility. She is not only a great source to work through healing, she helps me find my own joy in moving forward. And THAT, to me, is priceless.
     - Robin Paulino

At times where there is a lot of fog in my life, Carmelle reminds me ever so gently that the past is just that: the past. It has helped mold me into who I am, but does not tie me to my unlimited capabilities as a powerful woman. Ever since our sessions have started, there have been an abundance of blessings that unfolded. I entered into a new path in my career, in which I never thought possible or achievable before.

I am wealthy in love and gratitude, and have abundant money flow as a result of it. I would recommend Carmelle to anyone looking to gain some clarity in life, and learn the true meaning of gratitude, manifestation and happiness. THANK YOU, CARMELLE FOR THIS AMAZING JOURNEY!!
     - Mariana Nahkla
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With Immense  Love & Gratitude,
Carmelle Kemp

Carmelle Kemp is a Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, Medicine Woman, Speaker & Author. Having experienced “rock-bottom” after her 16 year relationship ended, Carmelle was miserable, confused and almost ready to “pack it in”. But…after a series of “fairy tale” events and happenings, she discovered that the Universe & Spirit had another plan in mind. She had the courage to say YES and kept following the breadcrumbs that were laid before her.

Working through and with the mysticism of spirit and energy, she studied and trained with shamans in the Amazon, gurus in India, monks in Nepal and has been named a Nagual Toltec Shaman in the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz.  

Her journey took her deep into her heart, mind and soul. Clearing away the cobwebs and releasing the fear, worry and shame that had become strange bedfellows, Carmelle has emerged whole and one with Spirit. Carmelle is passionate about helping men and women from all walks of life shift from overwhelmed and unfulfilled to fearless and free. 

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